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Our core service is our registration system. We have honed our system to fit our needs as a race promoter and that means you can benefit from that work. Our registration system simplifies your life in many ways.

  • Pre-registered racers entered, bib numbers assigned (if desired). You know what you’re dealing with before any Day of Race┬áregistrants.
  • Racers highlighted for various reasons – a minor (needs a parental signature on release), owes money, owed money, special requests (on the part of the promoter or rider). This can help the promoter in many ways.
  • Automated check on license status. No suspended or iffy licenses.
  • Consistent team names, if desired/requested by a team. This helps the teams look more professional.
  • Start lists available quickly. We can hand out multiple start lists to officials, announcers, mobile officials, etc.
  • Day of race services. Although additional work this can help balance the checkbook at the end of the day.
  • We can handle racers who show up late. If they want to race they can, and it helps the promoter make the race more popular.
  • We follow the rules. We can be the bad guy.
  • We don’t need access to your BikeReg account. Simply download files per our specifications and we can handle the rest. Protect your race’s financial privacy.

Our system, which is computerized, has been undergoing running updates since the very first time we used it in about 2000. We have been working with BikeReg since basically they started so we know how to use the system.

We have an IT background so we know the importance of backups. We arrive with two computers, two external monitors, two printers, at least two extra toner cartridges, four quiet Honda generators, multiple power cords, surge protectors, and all the miscellaneous things we need to run registration.

2014 Bethel Spring Series p/b Outdoor Sports Center, Trailer for registration

2014 Bethel Spring Series p/b Outdoor Sports Center, Trailer for registration

In 2014 we added our 8.5 x 20 trailer. This is a custom built trailer specifically constructed for event services. The trailer is outfitted with power, concession windows for registration, and allows us to set up registration quickly and efficiently at virtually any course. We just need a paved area sufficient to park the trailer and the tow vehicle.

We also have all the ancillary equipment necessary to run registration, like tables, chairs, bins, stakes, tape, podiums, cones, radios, etc, enough to run registration for races or events up to and over 500 racers. In addition we have two 10×10 tents as well as necessary accessories like sides, spiral anchor stakes, and heavy duty tie down straps to keep the tents firmly in place. These can be used to shelter the day-of-race registration release forms, a vendor, etc.

We can make your race run smoothly and flawlessly. This builds rider confidence and brings them back for the next year.

Registration at the 2013 Silk City Cross race (Steve Yau Photography)

Registration at the 2013 Silk City Cross race (Steve Yau Photography)

We are committed to making your race a success. Our goal is to grow bike racing in the area, not to “beat” other promoters. We want to help you hold a well run and fun race, which in turn will help make the sport more enjoyable and more popular.

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