Event Services

Are you a promoter looking to hold a race? Do you need assistance fulfilling USA Cycling’s requirements? If you have a course we can get the job done. We have experience with race requirements, handling BikeReg data, running a day-of registration desk, and doing finish line video for results. We’ve learned on our own races over the last 20+ years, and from 2011 we started working with other promoters.

We can get your race up and running even if you don’t know how to run a race.

All you have to do is have the course and the associated stuff handled (town permission, police, USAC officials, finances). We can run the race for you. You don’t have to worry about doing registration, about pre-reg, about your results. We do that for you.

Carpe Diem Racing offers the following services:

Event Services – all of the below services fall under the Event Services umbrella. You can use CDR for all your registration and finish line needs or you can cherry pick what you need.

Race Permit and BikeReg Assistance – tips to make your permit application more straightforward and your BikeReg listing to be most effective.

Registration Services – Once you close registration on BikeReg then what do you do? How will you fill out the post-event report? How will you make sure you’re not paying for too many racers? How will you make sure the racers in the Masters race really are the right age? CDR can help you out of that spreadsheet chaos. Registration Services do not include results or uploading results.

Finish Line Camera / Results – Now you’re at the race but you need to score the racers. In some events, like ‘cross races, the results need to be uploaded as soon as possible. How will you do that? CDR can handle photo finish services and, if there is sufficient internet access (we have a mobile broadband modem), upload results before the racers get home. Finish Line Camera services do not include any registration work – you must provide CDR with a spreadsheet with the racer’s names, bib number, race category, and you will get back the results. No timing is included.